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The Many Bags of Rihanna


In just a short time Rihanna has gone from dancehall diva to reigning pop princess. Her music has evolved from 'good girl next door' to 'Good Girl Gone Bad', just like her style! Her edgy music, haircuts, and fashion have been inspiration to women everywhere, and even designers have taken notice. You'd have to be inspiring to have two bags designed in your name; the Marc Jacobs Collection Large Metallic Rihanna Bag and the Marc Jacobs Collection Large Rihanna Bag. The 'Rihanna' bags are hot, but her personal handbag collection is even hotter. Check out the 'It' bags of 'It' girl Rihanna:

Rihanna's Handbags & Purses

(L to r): When in Rome…while shopping at the Louis Vuitton boutique in Paris, Rihanna sports the Louis Vuitton Monogram Motard Biker Bag (available at eLUXURY), but in New York, the Baby Phat Mirror Me Overnight Bag in silver is what she shops for. At a Fashion Week event, Rihanna jazzes up a black outfit with electric orange pumps and the tri-colored Kooba Heather Clutch, (available at shopbop.com). And while she’s a fan of leather, she also loves the eco-friendly bags by Stella McCartney, like the Metallic Patent Patchwork Tote. Could Rihanna be Zac Posen’s next muse? She wore one of his flirty dresses to the Grammy awards and here she is carrying the Zac Posen Abbey Satchel. And in her usual edgy style, Rihanna rocks a short-set, a newsboy-style hat, and the YSL Reversible Double Bag.

Rihanna's Handbags & Purses

(L to r): At awards shows and red carpet events, Rihanna loves Gucci Clutches, like the Mirror Evening Clutch (Available at Bag Borrow or Steal) and the Tippy Evening Bag. For a casual day strolling through the streets, the Stella McCartney Appaloosa large tote is her bag of choice. A traveling diva needs a chic travel tote so Rihanna prefers the Louis Vuitton LOVE Bag (available at eLUXURY). Another popular tote in her collection is the YSL Downtown Patent Tote, and the Zac Posen Olivia Woven Leather Satchel is another one of this bad gal's faves.

-Ehmonie Hainey

Shop Rihanna's handbags:
Kooba Bobbie Shoulder Bag Zac Posen Iconic Antonia Bag Kooba Taryn Clutch Marc Jacobs Collection Large Metallic Rihanna Bag Zac Posen Alexia Frame Bag Marc Jacobs Collection Large Rihanna Bag

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